File   Size   Description
Atlasy_TuristickyCR(1x50000)_Praha(1x10000).zip   6937 kB      
AVR309_doc2556.pdf   166 kB      
CapsNumScrollLEDoffswitcher.exe   19 kB     Switch off keyboard LEDs when PC is off.
casifw19.zip   502 kB     Casio diary connection into PC.
DOSGir.zip   24 kB     Remote control of computer for DOS - serial version.
GamePortTemp.zip   954 kB     Precise and cheap 4-channel thermometer to Gameport
GamePortTempPC.zip   806 kB      
GamePortTempSources.zip   674 kB      
GirderPluginSourceCodes.zip   412 kB      
IgorPlug-UDPSources.zip   777 kB     Implementation of UDP/IP protocol into AVR microcontroller. Direct pin connection of microcontroller to ethernet (without additional network controller).
IgorPlug.zip   246 kB     Remote control for Windows - serial & USB version.
IgorPlugUSB.zip   186 kB     Installation files for USB remote control : IgorPlug-USB (AVR)
IgorPlugUSBdoc.zip   64 kB     Souce code - microcontroller firmware IgorPlug-USB (AVR) API documentation of IgorPlug-USB (AVR) : "IgorUSB.dll" interface
IgorPlugUSBinstallsteps.zip   379 kB     Installation steps of device "IgorPlug-USB (AVR)" (under Win98 and WinXP)
IgorPlug USB key.pdf   85 kB      
IgorPlugUSBprogrammer.zip   189 kB     Simple LPT programmer for "IgorPlug-USB (AVR)" building - firmware upload.
IgorPlugXP.zip   235 kB      
Install IgorPlug-USB plugins.exe   869 kB      
PnPCOMsimulator.zip   148 kB     Serial port Plug & Play simulation.
ReadmeIgorPlug.txt   1 kB      
RemotesDoc.zip   5971 kB     Informations about IR remote codes coding.
smt160.pdf   82 kB     SMT160-30 datasheet
Sound.zip   231 kB     Slovenske hovoriace hodiny do Girdera.
USB to RS232 Application Note.zip   3638 kB      
vratnik.zip   59 kB     Intelligent electronic home keeper.


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